About Michelle

I fell in love with photography a long time ago. I remember buying a 110 film camera with my very first 'pay check' while working at my parent's business. Little did I know that the passion would continue throughout my life. 

Since photographing a friend's wedding 5 years ago, I haven't looked back.

Now my business takes on many forms, capturing all of life's precious moments from your wedding day, the excitment of pregnancy, the joy of a newborn, the cheekiness of toddler and the special and unique bond that each family share. 

I have just built a custom studio where I photograph newborns, toddlers and families (who choose to have an indoor session). I may be bias, but it's just beautiful. 

ps; I am usually the one behind the camera so I don't have too many photos of myself. This one is from my brother's wedding (apologies to my nanna for cropping her out).