Photographing people is so much more than smiling and looking at the camera
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Sunday, June 19, 2016
By Michelle Ridland Photography
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Photography is so much more than smiling at the camera.  It’s about photographing connections.

Last year I did a course with one of the best photographers in the business, James Day. I loved his work, because it was way more than everyone just smile and look at the camera. He managed to capture emotions and connections, genuine emotions and connections.

 Since the workshop, I’ve been developing my skills and style, to incorporate techniques into each one of my sessions to capture genuine emotions and connections.  There is nothing more rewarding than looking through the photos from a session and your cheeks begin to ache because you’ve been smiling so much.

Smiling is infectious. 

(click above to see some sample images)

So, from the 1st July, each one of my family and couple sessions will take on a new look. Each family/couple will receive 50+ photos from their session. 

For family sessions, I will still photograph the whole family, siblings and parent photos. We will play games, talk, connect or re-connect, discover, appreciate, feel loved and most importantly make you smile (actually you will make each other smile). 

For couple sessions, I will photograph you, your emotions and your connection and most importantly make you smile (actually you will make each other smile)

After the initial introductory period (session booked and paid for in July), they will be $700. Photos will be presented on a beautiful wooden USB

Sessions booked in June or July (sessions must be booked in the months of July, August and September) will be $400 (that’s $300 off).

If you’ve been thinking about having a family session, then now is the time to do it.

They make amazing Christmas presents.

After all, in the end, photographs are all we have left.


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